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தஞ்சாவூர் கரகாட்ட பேரழகி நீலா HD போட்டோ கலெக்சன்

தஞ்சாவூர் கரகாட்ட குழுவின் மற்றுமொரு அழகி

We had seen Kutty Revathi and Ammu from Thanjavur Karakattam crew photos in our site. Now we had gathered some photos of Neela from their crew and we post it here.

Neela is also one of the famous dancer and also senior to Ammu and Revathi. Her age should be at least above 35 whereas Ammu and Revathi age are below 30.

Neela looks so silent in her behaviour but she is a very good dancer and also had huge fans for her. Her videos of Karakattam dance are available on YouTube uploaded by her fans.

Here are some of her photos.

Despite the age, she looks cute.

With another crewmate, her photos will be available soon.

During dance session.

Clicks by fan.

A cute selfie.

We will also upload other karakattam girls and ladies pictures in our site. If you want more pictures, click the bell icon given below and then click allow. You will start receiving notifications once we upload new photos.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page as there will be updates regularly.

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