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இவங்களுக்கு வயசே ஆகல! அப்படியே இருகாங்க! கன்னக்குழி அழகி லைலா லேட்டஸ்ட் போட்டோஸ்

அழகி லைலா இன்னும் அப்படியே இருக்காங்களே! போட்டோஸ் உள்ளே

Laila, once a best actress in Tamil film industry, is still looking the same. A news already came that she may again act in Tamil movies.

She was an best actress during her days in which she got over many fans for her cuteness in each and every movies. She literally acted with all top actors at the time.

Here are some of her latest photos. Also she had appeared in some of TV shows. There are many recent interview videos uploaded in YouTube by some leading channels.

She still look the same from her olden golden days. Her age is now 40 but she still looks like 25 age girl.

She is having an Instagram account where she shares her latest photos and videos. Also she shares her movies experience with our Tamil actors and tells us to watch movie telecasting on TV channels.

Stay tuned for more news updates and actress photos and videos.

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