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50 வயசுலயும் ஹாட்டான போட்டோஷூட்! ரம்யா கிருஷ்ணனுக்கு இன்னும் வயசு ஆகல போல

50 வயதில் கிளாமர் போட்டோஷூட்டா? வாயை பிளந்த ரசிகர்கள்!

Ramya Krishnan is the best actress in South Indian film industry. She had acted in many movies from various languages. Whether it’s Neelambari or Sivagami Devi, she gave her best that she is only the actress for these roles.

Now her age is 50, but still maintains same shape and cuteness looking like always young. She is most favorite actress of 90’s kids and still remain favorite for many like us.

She sometimes used to play glamour role in many songs in her teenage. But at the age of 50, she went glamour for JFW photoshoot, and she looked same as from her teenage.

JFW, Just for Women is a magazine company, who make glamour pictures of actresses as their magazine cover. Usually JFW photoshoot will be glamour photoshoot. Many actresses from our Tamil Industry had gone glamour photoshoot in JFW. Also, Ramya Krishnan went for an photoshoot last year.

Always charming beauty.

Her age is 50, can you believe it?

These pictures are unseen by many of us. So we gathered pictures from official site and uploaded here.

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