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லேட்டஸ்ட் ஹாட் கரகாட்டம் வீடியோ FULL HD

Full HD 60 FPS தரத்தில் கரகாட்டம் வீடியோ உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு

Watch the Karakattam video in full hd at 60 fps which is uploaded in our YouTube channel. Like our Facebook page for daily photo and video updates.

New year had been started and let us hope that this year there will be more temple functions so that Karakattam dancers can booked for those functions.

We know there are many fans for karakattam including us and are waiting to witness the dance again after long time. Hope that will happen soon.

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Watch the video below.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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