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கரகாட்ட பேரழகி குட்டி சித்ரா HD போட்டோ கலெக்சன்

Kutty Chitra also called as Thanjai Chitra is one of the famous Karakattam dancer. Because of her, many people around Tamil Nadu book her dance group for their cultural functions.

You may know how famous is Dindugul Reeta, fame of Aadal Paadal, also featured in movie. Same as her, Kutty Chitra is so famous because of her beauty and bold dance.

As we started to share posts about Karakattam and dancers, we will here after update more Karakattam artists pictures in our blog. So stay tuned with our website for more photos.

Kutty Chitra usually sing well in her own slang along with dance. She got huge fan base in south India. Here are some of her pictures below.

Kutty Chitra along with Suganya.

She is the best dancer in her crew.

Look how cute she is.

One of her viral picture in Internet.

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