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கரகாட்ட கட்டழகிகளின் லேட்டஸ்ட் போட்டோ கலெக்சன் PART-6

அழகிகளின் லேட்டஸ்ட் புகைப்படங்கள் உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு

After a long time of posting part-5, here is the part 6 of collection of Karakattam beautiful ladies. If you like our photo collection, do share the link with everyone.

These are images which are latest to social medias and we upload it here. There are many karakattam groups in Tamil Nadu and we post maximum of their pictures.

Many karakattam girls or ladies usually wear different types of dresses. Some wear very short dress which looks very hot, and some wear normal short dresses.

These girls or ladies looks better than Tamil actresses and these beauties had also acted in some movies too.

The above given picture lady is so famous in Karakattam where she looks very hot in normal pose itself.

We will upload more photo collection here and in our Facebook page. So stay tuned with us and with our Facebook page.

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