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கரகாட்ட பேரழகிகளின் ஹாட் போட்டோ கலெக்சன் PART-4

எங்கள் அழகிகளின் புகைப்பட தொகுப்பு பாகம்-4

Today we had uploaded some of the latest photos of Karakattam ladies and artists. Already there are three parts of picture collection uploaded in our site. If you haven’t seen yet, browse our site for more Karakattam pictures.

We had many photos of karakattam artists and we will upload in our site daily. Also the photos and videos and news will be updated in our Facebook page.

As per news we got, Karakattam dancers will be available for temple functions all over Tamil Nadu soon.

Already there are many temple functions being conducted and these dancers are booked for their functions.

There are many dancing groups of Karakattam available all over Tamil Nadu. The best group will be booked for major functions. Most famous artists like Ammu, Revathi, Devi, Divya groups will be booked by many people.

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