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கட்டழகி கலையரசியின் கலகலப்பான கரகாட்டம் வீடியோ 2020

குறும்புக்காரி கட்டழகி கலையரசியின் குறும்புத்தனமான ஹாட் கரகாட்டம் வீடியோ

Kalaiyarasi is also one of the famous and naughty karakattam dancer who is from Palani karakattam group. Her age is also above 40 like Nithya and Devi.

She has also huge fan base for her naughtiness during dance time. There are many videos that are available on YouTube uploaded by her fans. Many karakattam dancers also acted in Tamil movies along with Tamil actresses for performing dance and more.

We had picked a super video of her making fun with Arokiyam, who is also a member of her karakattam group. This video is watched by over 1.5 million people.

The video was uploaded in our channel and posted in here below. Watch the video below and subscribe to our channel for more videos daily.

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