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அவ்வை ஷண்முகி பாப்பாவா இது? இப்ப இவங்க ஒரு சூப்பர் மாடலாம்

அவ்வை ஷண்முகி பாப்பாவாவின் வயது இப்போது 30

We all are familiar with the girl artist who acted in Avvai Shanmugi movie. Her name is Ann Alexia Anra and now her age is 30. Yes, she is all grown-up girl now.

She is now an model and had acted in many films and advertisements. She became model at the age 3 itself and during age 7, she was called for acting in Avvai Shanmugi movie.

She also had participated in Miss Chennai at year 2007. But her mother does not like her to act on movies or modelling. After finishing her studies, she came back to media and now herself is an model.

She had acted over 200 ad films during her childhood. She started posing her model pictures on Instagram and had gained over 20000 followers.

Here are some of her hot modelling pictures.

She had also uploaded some of her sizzling pictures on Instagram.

We have to realize that we all had grown up and the child artists we saw during childhood also had grown up. It is surprising that many cute artists we saw during 90’s had now became super hot models.

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