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இதுவரை நீங்கள் பார்த்திராத சில்க் சுமிதா அந்த கால கிளாமர் போட்டோஷூட் புகைப்படங்கள்

இதுவரை நீங்கள் பார்க்காத சில்க் ஸ்மிதா புகைப்படங்களை வெளியிட்ட ஸ்டில்ஸ் ரவி சார்.

Actress Silk Smitha is one of the popular and very well liked actress in Tamil film industry. Silk smitha has many fans for her glamour appearance in movies. Apart from her glamour role in film industry, she is a very kind and childish person in real life.

Here are the photos which had been shared by Stills Ravi and these photos are shared in internet now only.

Silk Smitha is one of the best actress in South Indian film industry.

Silk Smitha had more fan base in those days.

Still Ravi, stills photographer of many old to new Tamil films had shared her photos which had not been seen by many people. He had started a YouTube channel where he shares his experience working with actors and actresses.

Some movies got hit because of her presence only.

She is a bold actress and had done any roles others can’t.

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