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இந்த வயசுலயும் இப்படியா? கஸ்தூரி வெளியிட்ட கிளாமர் புகைப்படங்கள்

நடிகை கஸ்தூரியின் “நாங்க” படத்தில் சில புகைப்படங்கள்.

Actress Kasturi is well known actress who is so popular from 90s itself. Still she has more fan following and also acted in some of the latest movies.

One such movie is like a sort of Adult movie called “Naanga” where she acted in glamour role. Actress Kasturi had done many glamour roles in her old 90s movies.

She also featured for a Item song in one of Venkat Prabus latest movies with more glamour in saree. Here are some of her pictures from Naanga movie and other photoshoots.

She is now popular for her tweets on Politics.

This picture is from one of her latest photoshoot by Galatta team.

90s or 20s, actress Kasturi had been maintaining her physique well and still acts in movies. Many don’t like her because of her views on politics, but many still love her because of hotness and cuteness.

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