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இவங்களா இப்படி? நடிகை இனியாவின் கிளாமர் போட்டோ கலெக்சன்

வாகை சூட வா படத்துல சமத்தா நடிச்ச இனியவா இப்படி கிளாமர் காட்டுறாங்க

Actress Iniya’s pictures are trending on social medias as she posts her glamour pictures now-a-days. She acted in innocent like character role in her debut Tamil movie, Vaagai Sooda Vaa. Now she is one of the trending actress in South-Indian film industry.

She had acted in glamour roles in many Telugu movies.

She had over 4 lakh followers on her Instagram handle. She often posts her glamourous pictures which are mostly liked by everyone.

She also had done many glamour photoshoots also which are stunning and super hot.

There are many fans for her because of her hotness and cuteness.

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