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90s Tamil Ringtone Collection 1 | Best Ringtones for your Smartphone

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Here we have uploaded best five ringtones (part 1) which we used to keep in our childhood back before 10 years. In 2018 also many people search for old ringtones for their smartphone. Hence we decided to upload some of best ringtones here. You can download the ringtones using the link given below.

Jeans Athisayame BGM Download Ringtone
Malargale Malargale BGM Download Ringtone
Polladhavan Kiss Dialog BGM Download Ringtone
Pudhu Vellai Malai BGM Download Ringtone
Sundhari Kannal Oru Sethi Download Ringtone

New ringtones will be updated frequently. Also search for your favorite ringtone here using search bar. Comment down the ringtone you want and we will update it here in our site. Stay tuned for more ringtones.

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